About me
I suppose when I begin to analyse my work ideas, it’s really all about defiance. I was taught to paint in the traditional way using the basic principles of our early masters. Things like – ‘don’t paint square pictures’, ‘don’t place anything of any significance in the middle of a composition’, ‘red and green, yellow and purple etc should not live side by side’, ‘don’t use black in its purest form on a canvas’!

To define one’s work is never easy, especially to someone who lacks a competent command of the written word. Writing has never been my strong point, plain English is about all I can manage.

I have never lost sight of reality in my painting, although I am probably further away from it now than I have ever been. The re-discovery of my magic spectacles has opened up a new world.

These and many more ‘rules’ were certainly ‘no go areas’ ! My work now deliberately breaks all the rules, in fact, I make a great effort to do just that. It is sometimes very difficult to go against ones gut feelings, but its great fun trying. When you get to my age, rule breaking is a great source of pleasure, a small act of rebellion (what a sad life I must have).

Colour theories are ok for some, but not for me. My colour plan doesn’t exist, anything goes, the more off-beat the better. I work hard to find colour combinations that should never see the light of day, yet still work, in a bizarre sort of way.

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